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     $159.95*                 $699.95*                 $599.95*                   $599.95*          NEW : $729.95*   & Dryer: $349.95*   $149.95 to $699.95 
* = Plus SC & Local Sales Tax
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Note: These are samples of previous washers, dryers and stackable washer / dryers that we've had in stock. We have a continual supply of laundry appliances similar to these that we have refurbished. These are all sold with a basic warranty of 30 days with the option to buy an extended warranty, up to one year.
    Warranty Disclaimer: Warranty covers any appliance repair and labor at no cost to you, if you (the buyer or your representative) return it to the store; otherwise, a nominal fee of $25 for us to come out to your house will be assessed (typically $79.95 - $99.95 for either a w/d/stv or $89.95 - $99.95 for  fridge or freezer). Yet, the same applies: no costs for parts or labor.
    If, by chance, there is an issue with the said warranted appliance which is a result of your duct work, plumbing, electricity, or flooring, etc. Then WTSA will remedy the problem, if possible, and only if you (the buyer) agree to pay the charges. Or, you can opt to fix the said non-appliance related problem by yourself or someone else; yet, a non-warranty rate of $79.95 (or $99.95) shall be charged for the diagnosing of the non-warranty problem. If, instead, you bring the warranted appliance to the store and we diagnose the said appliance problem as not being related from "within"the appliance itself then a nominal shop fee of $50. You can then option for us or some other entity to correct the problem in the area that is causing the problem upon your said appliance within your house. NOTE: all dryers are pre-tested to make sure they operate and heat up before they are sold. Therefore, if you buy a dryer from us and it does not heat under warranty and we determine that the failed part is a thermal fuse on the dryer then we cannot repair this without a charge: this  would be a non-warranted matter. A thermal fuse will not trip except your exhaust duct is obstructed by: the flex duct being kinked, the duct work is stopped up with lint or there's a bird nest in the outside duct opening. (Yes, this has happened to one customer 2 years in a row!)
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  Roper Dryer     |    Amana Dryer
  $149.95*                   $149.95*
We offer delivery: Curb Delivery or Delivery and Setup (pricing affected by distance & number of appliances being delivered and/or setup. For Dishwashers, add $75 on top of Curb Delivery Fee)
  Curb delivery is Us only delivering your purchase and setting it on your driveway or next to the house (much like UPS would do). $35 on up...
  Delivery and Setup is Us delivering the machine(s) into your housing and installing to your existing connections. $55 on up...
  In some cases extra costs will be incurred if your water, electrical and or duct system is defective and we repair it for you...