Go Green At Whiter Than Snow Appliances Because . . .

   We haul away broken / unfixed washers, dryers, refrigerators and/or stoves. Call us to have   your broken appliances hauled away. The amount we can pay for them will be determined on certain factors, such as: our cost to remove Freon, distance, having roaches, difficulties in removing them from your home, complex, etc. (email us the details your appliance(s), the brand(s), quantity and frequency of your need in having them removed. Also, include a daytime call back phone number and your address. In some cases, we may have to charge a fee for hauling away your broken appliance(s).
    Remodeling or Rehabbing Apartment Complexes? Contact WTSA... Due to the price drop in scrap these days, you'll want to get a quote from WTSA on what your haul-away refrigerators, stoves, washers and/or dryers are worth. Call WTSA today and help us get more appliances in to refurbish. Whiter Than Snow Appliances has been helping poor people (even landlords) to be able to afford reconditioned appliances versus new ones. Go "green" by donating or getting paid by WTSA for your outdated, broken or unwanted appliances; thus, by having us recycle them, we can keep them out of the landfill. Dispose of your old appliances the earth-friendly way: whether you have 1 or 1,000 appliances, you'll can make money and, at the same time, be confident that you're contributing to a better method of disposing your unwanted appliances.
Phone: 1-864-845-WTSA to arrange a pickup service.


    Are you an apartment complex owner, landlord or new appliance dealer who is in need of having your unwanted appliances disposed of? Whiter Than Snow Appliances is continually in the market for mutual business relationships with the "haves and the have nots" when it comes to major appliances. We’ll get rid of your old appliances safely and put some money in your pockets. Thus, we'll be providing refurbished washers, dryers, refrigerators and stoves to those in need of them. It's our way of being "green".... Why put those old appliances "in the landfill"?
    We're looking for appliances from apt complexes that are removed for updates or if you have a new appliance retail store and you're accumulating haulaway appliances at your store after delivering their new appliances...

    To individuals: We cannot buy "haul aways" if the used appliance(s) are bug infested. If you have an apt complex then Call Whiter Than Snow Appliances. Let us know if your pickup location is outside of 25 miles from zipcode 29673 (S.C.) if you have more than 5the number of appliances to be picked up. We'll determine if we can haul them away based on their condition, age and if they have bug-infestations.


    We sale reasonably priced fixed washers, dryers, refrigerators and/or stoves to individuals and landlords. Prices are subject to change according to availability, market fluctuations and freight costs (email us for a quote with your order type, quantity needed, approximate time of need and frequency of orders needed; also include a day time call back phone number and an shipping address [unless you will be doing a pick-up of the appliances yourself at our location].

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